AISG v3.0

The latest public standards are listed in bold at the top of the table below.

Note for members: A later draft of the base document, ADB and RET standards are available in the members’ area of the website.

Current standards

AISG v3 sub-unit compliance matrixCompliance matrixv2.02019-FEB-02
AISG v3.0 Base StandardAISGAISGv3.0.0.102018-NOV-05
Antenna DatabaseADBST-ADBvADB3.1.1.62018-NOV-05
Remote Electrical TiltRETST-RETvRET3.1.1.72018-NOV-05
Tower Mounted Low Noise AmplifierTMAST-TMAvTMA3.0.1.02019-FEB-06
AISG v2AISGAISGv2.02006-JUN-13
Alignment Sensor DeviceASDES-ASDv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Clock SourceACSES-ACSv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Configurable Power MonitorCPMES-CPMv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Geographic Location SensorGLSES-GLSv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Temperature SensorATSES-ATSv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Remote Azimuth BeamwidthRABES-RABv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Remote Azimuth StearingRASES-RASv2.2.02016-MAR-16
Antenna Port Colour CodingAPCCAPCCv3.2.12018-MAR-07
Layer 2 Array IdentificationArrayIdArrayIdv1.02013-JAN-31
XML for ALD Configuration Data DistributionXCDXCDv1.02015-DEC-10
XML Software Data DistributionXUDXUDv1.02015-DEC-10
Multi-pole RS-485 ConnectorsC485C485v1.12016-JUN-17

Note: The download link is in the link column.

Obsolete standards

ALD NameAcronymDocumentVersionDate
Tower Mounted Low Noise AmplifierTMAST-TMAvTMA3.0.0.62018-NOV-05
Antenna Port Colour CodingAPCCAPCCv3.12015-MAY-07
Antenna Port Colour CodingAPCCAPCCv2.02013-JAN-21

Note: The download link is in the link column.

Please send any comments on the standards to the Chair and they will be brought to the attention of the members.