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Specification AISG v2.0 provides for a data field whose function is to identify the manufacturer of equipment connected to an AISG antenna device bus by means of a 2-character ASCII code. The following table lists the vendor codes allocated at the present time. This table may differ from that in the current published version of the standard as it is more frequently updated.

The vendor code combined with the device Serial Number constitutes a unique identifier (UID) for all AISG-compliant devices.

Device manufacturers must use their own assigned vendor code and NOT the vendor code of any other company.

Vendor codeVendor
ADAlan Dick & Co Ltd
AEACE Technologies Corporation
AFAerial Facilities Ltd
AIAmphenol Antenna Solutions
ALPowerwave Technologies, Inc
AMArialcom SA
ANCommScope Technologies, LLC
ARCommScope Technologies, LLC
ASAlpha Wireless, Inc
ATAselan A S
AVAvitec AB
AWWestell Technologies, Inc
AXAxis Network Technology Ltd
BRBroadradio Communication Technologies Ltd
BTBravotech, Inc
BWBöke & Walterfang Ltd
CBComba Telecom
CCCCS Antenna, Inc
CGGrentech Co Ltd
CICommunication Components Inc
CLClearCin Technologies, LLC
CMCombilent A/S
COComba Telecom
CPCommScope Technologies, LLC
CSAmphenol Antenna Solutions
CTCelletra, Inc
CXCellmax Technologies
DBCommScope Technologies, LLC
DKDenki Kogyo Co Ltd
EBElektrobit Ltd
EMCommScope Technologies, LLC
EYEyecom Technologies
FAFasmetrics Ltd
FGWuhan Fingu Electronic Co Ltd
FIFiltronic Ltd
FLFlexlink Telecom Ltd
FOCommScope Technologies, LLC
FRFractus SA
FUFurukawa Communications & Broadcasting Co Ltd
GAGaltronics Corporation Ltd
GKGemtek Technology Co Ltd
GLGigalane Co Ltd
GNGamma Nu, Inc
GOGoodtel Co Ltd
GRGrintek Antennas
GTGemintek Corporation
HAShenzhen Haina Telecom Equipment Co Ltd
HEXiamen Helios Telecom Equipment Manufacturer Inc
HGHigh Gain Antenna Co
HHHCS-HES Cabling Systems
HIHitachi Metals Ltd
HJHeji Co Ltd
HTJiangsu Hengxin Technology Co Ltd
HWHuawei Technology Ltd
HXWuhan Hongxin Telecoms Technologies
INInnova Telecommunication Co Ltd
ITInnertron, Inc
JBAmphenol Antenna Solutions
KGKGP Tech Co Ltd
KLK & L Microwave Inc
KSKaelus Pty Ltd
KVKavveri Telecom España
LAPowerwave Technologies, Inc
LGPowerwave Technologies, Inc
LOLorsch Microwave Inc
LULucent Technologies
M3M3 Communication One Member LLC
MAAmphenol Antenna Solutions
MDMicrodata Telecom Innovation AB
MIMitec Inc
MSMatsing Inc
MTMOBI Antenna Technologies (Shenzhen) Co Ltd
MYSistemas Radiantes, F. Moyani, SA
NANEC Anten Ltd
NDNihon Dengyo Kosaku Co Ltd
NKNokia OY
NNNortel Networks
NTNetop Technology
OROriel Laboratories Ltd
POPolyphaser Corp
PRPrism Microwave LLC
PTProse Technologies
PWPowerwave Technologies, Inc
QUQuintel Ltd
QWQ Wave Co. Ltd
RARacal Antennas Ltd
RBRosenberger Asia Pacific Electronic Co Ltd
RCRadio Component Sweden AB
RDRadio Design Ltd
REPowerwave Technologies, Inc
RKR&K Company Ltd
RMRFM Wireless
RNReverb Networks
RORemotek Corporation
RRRadiarc Technologies, LLC
RTRFTech Co Ltd
RYKavveri Telecom España
SBSwedcom Corporation
SCSunwoo Communication Co Ltd
SDSDP Telecom Inc
SESelecom SA
SGSGC Technologies, Inc
SHUniversity of Sheffield (UK)
SISigma Wireless Technology Ltd
SJSinclair Technologies
SLShenglu Communication Co Ltd
SMSiemens AG
SNSunsight Instruments LLC
SOSocowave Ltd
SPSpinner GmbH
SQSignalQuest, Inc
SRGuangzhou Sunrise Telecom Equipment Co Ltd
SSSunsea Telecommunication Co Ltd
STStella Doradus Waterford Ltd
SUSunwave Communications Co Ltd
SXSPX Corporation
T3T3 Technology
TFShenzhen Tatfook Technology Co Ltd
THRacal Antennas Ltd
TMChengdu Tiger Microwave Technology Co Ltd
TNTelnet Redes Intelligentes
TRTriasx Pty Ltd
TTJiangsu JST Technologies (Nanjing) Co Ltd
TXTenXc Wireless Inc
TYTongyo Communications Equipment Co
UWUnity Wireless Corporation
VXVoxuara Technologies Inc
WSWestell Technologies, Inc
WYWha Yi Indutstrial Co Ltd
XHXi'an Haitian Antenna Technologies
YAHitachi Kokusai Yagi Solutions, Inc
YXJiangsu YaXin Electronics
ZTZTE Corporation
ZWShenzhen ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

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The existence of an assigned vendor code does not indicate that the company to which it was assigned is still manufacturing or trading under the name shown, nor that is a member of AISG.

While mnemonic letter combinations have been used for many existing vendor codes, it cannot be guaranteed that mnemonic codes will be available for all new members.